How to Create Your Own Personal AI Assistant with LocalGPT

Imagine having a virtual buddy right on your device, ready to chat about your files – that’s where LocalGPT comes in. LocalGPT is a clever tool that uses fancy language skills and tech smarts (known as large language models and natural language processing) to let you have conversations with your documents. It’s like turning your files into chatty pals using computer magic!

Ever thought about having a chat with your documents, even without the internet? How cool would it be to own a personal AI assistant to lend a hand with your tasks and projects, all while keeping your info super safe? If these ideas excite you, then LocalGPT personal ai assistant might be your new tool.

In this guide, we’re diving into the world of LocalGPT. We’ll unravel what it is, why diving into creating your personal AI buddy is a great idea, the steps to get it up and running on your device, how to feed your documents into it, the art of conversing with your files using LocalGPT, plus the upsides and downsides you should know. Let’s get tech-savvy!

What is LocalGPT?

Introducing LocalGPT: a cool project sparked by the original privateGPT. This nifty tool lets you have interactive chats with your own documents, all within your device’s cozy confines, thanks to GPT models. And here’s the bonus: all the action happens right on your gadget – your data stays put, super private! Say goodbye to constant internet reliance. With LocalGPT, you’re tapping into the magic of big language models (we’ll call them LLMs for short) to throw questions at your documents.

LocalGPT is like a building constructed with the awesome LangChain and Vicuna-7B tools, which are like the blueprints for crafting language-powered wonders. Plus, it’s got a secret sauce called InstructorEmbeddings that guides those LLMs to create spot-on responses. This clever tool isn’t picky – it can handle all sorts of files like .txt, .pdf, .csv, and even play detective across a bunch of documents, finding what you need lightning fast.

Why Craft Your Own Personal AI Companion Using LocalGPT?

Your Privacy Fortress: Wave goodbye to worries about your data traveling to far-off servers. LocalGPT is your digital buddy that respects your privacy. It’s all about processing right on your device, no data goes on a journey elsewhere. Your documents become chatty pals, and your secrets stay with you, always.

Tailored to You: With LocalGPT, you’re the boss. Imagine an AI buddy that’s uniquely yours. You decide which files get in on the action and how they’re organized. You can even tweak how your digital pal behaves and talks – it’s like giving them a makeover, all by adjusting fancy settings.

Your Documents, Your Way: No internet? No problem! LocalGPT lets you hang out with your files anytime, anywhere. No need to hunt for a web connection. Whether you’re on a laptop, desktop, or even a Raspberry Pi, as long as it speaks Python, LocalGPT’s got your back.

Unleash Creativity: LocalGPT isn’t just for chatting. It’s a toolbox for tech wonders. You can use its superpowers to make apps that talk like humans. Think voice assistants, chatbots – you name it. Connect LocalGPT with other cool stuff like web tools to make magic happen. You can even sprinkle in new features if you’re feeling extra creative.

Setting Up Your LocalGPT

Want to get in on the LocalGPT action and make your documents come to life? Here’s how to set things up – no tech wizardry required. First off, you’ll need a few things on your computer to kick start this journey: Python 3.8 or newer, Pip for installing cool stuff, and Conda (plus CUDA if you’re feeling extra fancy). Don’t worry, these are like the tools in your digital toolbox.

Now, let’s get your LocalGPT show on the road:

  1. Grab the LocalGPT magic from its secret hideout on GitHub. Use this spell: git clone
  2. Create a special zone for LocalGPT to play in by typing: conda create -n localgpt_api python=3.10.0.
  3. Time to open the door to that new zone: conda activate localgpt.
  4. Bring in all the things LocalGPT needs by casting this spell: pip install -r requirements.txt.
  5. If you want super-speedy results and have a fancy graphics card (Nvidia GPU), you can sprinkle in some GPU magic. This step involves a bit more magic with llama-cpp library. If you’re up for it, the spell goes like this: CMAKE_ARGS=”-DLLAMA_CUBLAS=on” FORCE_CMAKE=1 pip install -r requirements.txt.
  6. Now, for the enchanting Docker option. If you speak Docker, you’re in for a treat. First, gather your Docker wand, BuildKit spellbook, Nvidia GPU spell enhancer, and Nvidia container toolkit charm.
  7. Brew your own Docker potion with: docker build . -t localgpt.
  8. To unleash LocalGPT’s power, chant this spell: docker run -it –mount src=”$HOME/.cache”,target=/root/.cache,type=bind –gpus=all localgpt.

Bringing Your Docs to Life in LocalGPT 

Ready to make your documents talk? Let’s get them into LocalGPT’s chat zone. It’s like inviting them to a digital party! Here’s how to do it – no coding skills required.

  1. Gather Your Docs: Put all your chat-worthy documents into the SOURCE_DOCUMENTS spot in the LocalGPT home. Whether it’s .txt, .pdf, .csv, or .xlsx files, they’re all welcome here. If you’ve got other file types, no worries – just turn them into the friendly supported formats first.
  2. Work the Magic: Now, run the script with a simple command: python This will do the behind-the-scenes wizardry, processing all your docs in the SOURCE_DOCUMENTS hideout. Once the dust settles, you’ll find a cool index.llama file in the localGPTUI hangout. This special file holds all the details about your documents – their names, secrets, and more!
  3. Bonus Spells: Want to add some extra oomph to the process? You can! While running, you can chant special words like –device_type, –batch_size, –num_workers, and –verbosity. For example, if you prefer your computer’s brain (CPU) over its graphics muscle (GPU), you’d say: python –device_type cpu.

Your Document Chats Made Easy with LocalGPT

Ready to turn your documents into chatty pals? It’s super easy, promise! Here’s how to make it happen – no tech degree required.

  1. Launch the Magic: Start by casting a command spell: python This summons a special graphical chat room for LocalGPT to join the conversation.
  2. Gate to the Chat Realm: A link will appear below. Open your web browser and visit http://localhost:5111/. This is your gateway to the chat wonderland.
  3. Choose Your Chat Mate: Pick a document to talk to from the list. When you’re ready, hit “Add.” You’ll get some details about the document, like its name, size, and what it’s about. Plus, you’ll even see a sneak peek of its words in the chat window.
  4. Ask and You Shall Receive: Type your question in the box at the bottom of the chat. Tap “search” and watch the magic happen! LocalGPT’s brain (LLM) and its special guide (InstructorEmbeddings) will cook up a response that fits the document’s style.
  5. Chat On: Keep the convo going by asking more questions. Want to switch to a different document? Easy peasy – just pick one from the list. And hey, if you’re feeling a fresh start, hit the “Clear” button to wipe the slate clean.
  6. Bonus Info: You’ll see more than just words in the chat. LocalGPT will show you how fast it cooked up the answer and how much it flexed its language muscles (perplexity score).

Advantages of Using LocalGPT 

  • Guarded Privacy: Your valuable data never takes a trip to the cloud. Rest easy, your documents stay locked up safe and sound.
  • Tailored Just for You: Imagine crafting a trusty AI buddy that suits your style. Your AI helper can be your ultimate wingman, molded to match your vibes and interests.
  • Chat Anywhere, Anytime: No internet? No problem! With LocalGPT, your documents are always just a click away. Chat, even when the internet’s taking a break.
  • Supercharge Apps: Unleash the AI magic! You can create apps that talk the human talk, using LocalGPT’s secret recipe of LLMs and NLP.

Considerations When Using LocalGPT 

Resource Hunger: LocalGPT’s AI magic comes at a cost – it’s a bit of a resource hog. Think memory, storage, and computer brain power (CPU and GPU). For the best experience, make sure your device is up to the task. A strong, capable buddy is the key!

Responses, Not Perfect: LocalGPT’s answers are based on its smarts and your questions. But hey, even smarties goof up sometimes. You might see odd, off-topic, or just plain silly answers. Trust your gut and common sense to decide what makes sense.

File Compatibility Quest: LocalGPT is cool with many file types like .txt, .pdf, .csv, and .xlsx. But watch out for the tricky ones like .docx, .pptx, and .html – they might not play nice. Before inviting them to the party, turn them into friendly file types.


As we conclude this piece, we’ve unraveled the process of crafting your very own personal AI assistant using LocalGPT. By now, you should have gained a clearer insight into the exciting world of building a custom AI sidekick that’s here to aid you in both work and personal tasks. Your very own Personal AI Assistant is just a step away!

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